Duty Officer 86-8

Rehoboth Beach has added a New 2024 Chevrolet Tahoe Duty Officer Unit to the Fleet. The Unit is designated as 86-8 and will be housed at Station 2. Fire Line Officers will man the Truck on their designated Dates. This Unit adds more mobility for the Fire Officers in the Congested Beach Area.

Engine 86-1

Ward Lafrance with a 1000 GPM. - This truck has the original Waukesha engine and is the only red truck in the fleet. Still in original condition.

Engine 86-3

86-3 is a Pierce Enforcer, equipped with a 2000 gpm pump along with a 1000 gallon tank. It carries a 30 gallon foam tank with a Husky Foam System. A full compliment of Tools and a 10 Kw Generator along with a LED Light Tower. It is also equipped with a Holmatro Rescue Combi-Tool and related equipment. The Engine is at Station 2.

Engine 86-5

Engine 5 is a 2021 Pierce Enforcer Engine with a 2000 GPM Pump, 1000 Gallon Tank and a 30 Gallon Foam Tank. The unit also is equipped with a Holmatro Rescue Tool, 6kw Generator, All LED Scene Lighting including a Tower, a remote control Deck Gun and a Full Compliment of Engine Tools and Hose. The New Unit is Running from Station 3 on John. J. Williams Highway.

Rescue-Engine 86-6

Rescue-Engine 86-6 is a Pierce Enforcer, equipped with a 2000 gpm Pump and 1000 gallon tank, also included is a 30 gallon foam tank and a Huskey Foam System. A full compliment of Engine Tools and Ground Ladders. It has 2 Holmatro Tools on it with Cribbing, and related Rescue Equipment. A 10 kw Generator along with LED Light Tower and Scene Lighting are included. This is the 1st Rescue-Engine that has been purchased and is at Station 2.

Engine 86-9

First Pierce Contender Engine purchased. 1500 GPM Pump, 750 gallons of water, Huskey Foam System, 30 gallon foam tank, Light Tower, Auto Deck Gun, Vehicle Rescue Tools. Engine 86-9 is at Station 1.

Tower 86-7

Tower 86, is an LTI 102' Platform Tower which is Stationed at Station 2, has a Eight man cab, 2000 gpm pump, 10kw diesel generator, Full complement of truck company tools, equipment, and ladders along with Stokes Basket and related equipment.

Quint 86

"Quint 86" as it is designated, is an American LaFrance aerial equipped with a 2000 GPM Waterous 2 Stage pump, with a 500 gallon tank and a 75' rearmount aerial ladder with 500' tip load. A 10 KW Generator along with a full complement of Ground Ladders and Tools for fire fighting operations are included in the truck which is at Station 3.

Snorkel 86-10

Pitman Snorkel on a Peter Pirsch Chassis has a full complement of truck company equipment, it also carries harnesses and rope for specialized rescue. Unit is Stationed at Station 1.

Ambulance's A-B-C-D 86

RBVFC operates 4 Ambulances out of Station 1 & 2.

Chief's Vehicle 86-15

86-15 is designated for use by the Fire Chief and is set up for Directing Fire and Emergency Operations.

EMS & Command Unit 86-11

86-11 is a Unit that is used by the EMS Supervisor and also as a 2nd Command Unit. It is housed at Station 2.

Brush 86-0

86-0 is a New 2022 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Pick Up to replace the Old 86-0 which had been in Service over 20 years. The New Unit is at Station 3.

Brush 86-00

Unit is in service at Station 1 to respond to Brush and Minor Incidents along with Fires or Rescues on the Beach. It is equipped with a 300 gpm Pump and a 200 gallon Tank and 10 gallon foam tank. A complement of Tools is also on Board.

Utility 86

Utility 86 is at Station 2 and is used to tow Marine 86 and provide a support unit for the RBVFC.

Utility 86-12

12 Passenger Chevrolet Van used for transporting personnel to fires, drills and meetings.

Marine 86

Marine 86 is a 16' Rescue Connector Boat equipped with a 35hp Johnson outboard motor. Primarly used for back bay and pond rescues. Unit is also equipped with cold water exposure suits. Marine 86 is Stationed at Station 2 to respond to any area of the District.

Jet Ski 1 & 2

Through a Generous Donation, RBVFC was able to purchase and put in service 2 Jet Ski's for Water Rescue Operations in the Ocean and Rehoboth Bay. 1 unit is housed at Station 1 & 1 Unit is housed at Station 2. Training and Equipment have been provided and a team formed.

Ranger 86-1

Polaris Ranger UTV unit is Stationed at Station 1 for Beach Rescues and The Breakwater Trail.

Ranger 86-2

Ranger 2 is set up for brush fires with All Wheel Drive, a 100 gpm pump, 50 gallon tank. Unit is at Station 2.

Drone 86

RBVFC has in service a Drone to assist with Search, Rescue and Fire Operations.

Engine 86-4 (RETIRED)

4800 4x4 International / LTI - is retired. It had 4 Wheel Drive and carried 500 gallons of water along with a 1250 GPM pump.

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