In Memory Of

Pauline Alton
Raymond Beiderman
Robert Burton
Samuel Burton
Tom Burton
Norman R. Calhoun
Thomas S. Calhoun
F. L. Chase
Roy Collins
Rev. Charles Covington
William Crosby
Sarah Curry
H. Ralph Dart
Ollie Detoro
George Dick
John R. Dick
Theodore R. Dick
Lynn Dill
Elmer Dodd
W.S. Downing
Ernest Elsasser
E.G. Emmert
Clarence A. Ewing
Thomas Ewing Jr.
Harry Gruber
George Hadder
Hoyt Hazzard
William B. Henning
E. S. Hill
Edward S. Hudson
J. Fred Hudson
James B. Hudson
Lester M. Jones
Earl L. Keen
Ed Kline
Robert E. Lynch
John J. Marsh
William Massey
Seton Maynadier
John D. McCabe
David G. Melvin
William Mitchell Jr.
James G. Moore
Ralph D. Morgan Jr.
Ralph D. Morgan Sr.
Harold Murch
Roy Palmer
Walter B. Palmer
Theodore W. Palmer Jr.
Edward S. Pettyjohn
Ralph D. Pointer
Allen J.H. Quillen
D.F. Quillen
William Rhodes
D.H. Riggin
George A. Roach
William T. Roach
Walter P. Robinson M.D.
J.H. Satterfield
Charles E. Saunders
Shirley Savage
Alvin Simpler
Roy Simpler
Norbert O. Simpson
Edward M. Stephens
Naomi Stoddart
Walter R. Sutherland Jr.
Walter R. Sutherland Sr.
Bruce Tappan
William T. Tappan
Clifford B. Taylor
James Travis
George Tumlin
Charles W. Tyndall
James A. Wall
Houston Warren
John Webb
William L. Willams
John H. Williams
Raymond E. Wilson Sr.
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Fire & EMS Statistics

Fire EMS
January 47 255
Feburary 32 193
March 48 218
April 57 247
May 0 0
June 0 0
July 0 0
August 0 0
September 0 0
October 0 0
November 0 0
December 0 0
Fire EMS
2021 184 913
2020 646 3074
2019 617 3652
2018 642 3488