Ward Lafrance with a 1000 GPM. - Engine 86-1

This truck has the original Waukesha engine and is the only red truck in the fleet. Still in original condition.

Grumman Pumper on a Spartan chassis - Engine 86-2

Ten man cab, 2000 GPM pump with 1000 gallon tank and a 40 gallon foam tank.

4800 4x4 International / LTI - Engine 86-4

Grumman Pumper on a Spartan chassis - Tanker 86-5

Ten man cab, 2000 gpm pump with 2500 gallon water tank, 110 gallons foam , 1000' 5" hose, 4- 1 1/2" preconnects, 2 1/2" preconnect, prepiped deck gun, portable deck gun, 6kw diesel generator, unit also equipped with a Holmatro hydraulic rescue tool system.

Saulsbury body on a Spartan Chassis - Rescue 86-6

18' walk-in rescue body, 20kw 3 phase hydraulic driven generator, Holmatro rescue tool system with 2 live reels, A frame winch, power cord reels, air power rescue tools, 4 complete SCBA, 15 spare bottles.

LTI 102' Platform Tower - Tower 86-7

Eight man cab, 2000 gpm pump, 10kw diesel generator, Full complement of truck company tools, equipment, and ladders.

Pierce Contender - 86-9

First Pierce Engine purchased. 1500 GPM Pump, 750 gallons of water, Huskey Foam System, 30 gallon foam tank, Light Tower, Auto Deck Gun, Vehicle Rescue Tools.

Pitman Snorkel on a Peter Pirsch Chassis - Snorkel 86-10

Full complement of truck company equipment, full complement of harnesses and rope for specialized rescue.

American LaFrance - Quint 86

"Quint 86" as it will be designated, is equipped with a 2000 GPM Waterous 2 Stage pump, with a 500 gallon tank and a 75' rearmount aerial ladder with 500' tip load. A 10 KW Generator along with a full complement of Ground Ladders and Tools for fire fighting operations are included in the truck.

Chevrolet 4x4 Tahoe - Command 86-11

Equipped with a command center console for emergency operations.

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